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While the word ‘acid’ can conjure up a lot of negative connotations, they are a fundamental part of the chemical make up of the universe. Hydrochloric acid for example, is the body’s primary chemical method of  food digestion. Even at the time of the Egyptians, Cleopatra was supporting the use of milk baths for the improvement of her skin. Little was it known at the time that within milk is a very important digestive enzyme — known as lactic acid —  known for it’s ability to rejuvenate the skin by promoting cellular turnover.

The Egyptians provided us the very first documented use of topical acids in the promotion of skin health. We’ve come a long way since then. Chemical Peels, as they are known, use various forms of acids and acid-derived compounds to promote cellular desquamation and increase the renewal rate of our skin’s cells. They can have a profound impact on the health of our skin.

At the Federal Chemical Peel and R&D committee (formerly the FWPRDC) we are actively pursuing the know-how to help improve the health of our skin through the use of chemical peels and acid-derived compounds. Our committee is made of members with a variety range of interest in the Chemical Peel domain: industry stakeholders, research members and others who all have one concern: the promotion of skin health through the use of chemical peels. Our online website serves as an information portal for Australian consumers and skin-health professionals alike.  The committee meets bi-monthly and runs testing facilities through its partners at Advanced Dermatology Sydney but we run purely as a non-profit member supporting institution. For expressions of interest please contact us at members@fwprdc.org.au


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Find out more about chemical peels.  Please check out www.advanced-dermatology.com.au if you have questions about botox Sydney and chemical peel treatments.